Subbing Unit

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Normal Snubbing Unit

  1. Specification;

    ModelStand aloneRig Assist
    Rated Pull150K240K340K460K600KMini type77t(170K)
    Rated Pressure5000psi~15000psi
    Bore Diameter7"~141/2"
    Rotary Torque3000ft.Ib~22000ft.Ib
  2. 70 snubbing  units  have  been  sold  in  China.The  domestic  total  accounted  for  60%,  and   the new increment after 2019 accounted for 90%.

    Snubbing Unit

  3. More  than  4,000  Wells   have   been   constructed   in Sichuan,Chongqing,Changqing,Karamay,Daqing and  other  regions  in  China  since  2020,The  maximum  working  pressure  is(6200psi)43MPa,   and   finish running tubing  into  or  out  of  hole,sand washing,fishing,milling  plug  and  P&A  with  H2S.

    Normal Snubbing Unit

  4. Three or four operators work on platform:

    Operator:operate  jack,slips,BOP;

    One Assist  Operator:Operate  counterbalance winch;

    The other Assist Operator:Operator hydraulic tong.

    Automated Snubbing Unit

Automated Snubbing Unit

  1. Pipe handling system includes catwalk, ground arm, traveling system, platform arm and gin pole arm.

  2. Hydraulic Tong

  3. Operation Room

  4. Rig up and rig down time;4-5hours

Snubbing Unit

Pipe Handling System:

Pipe handling system includes the catwalk,traveling system with guide wire,hydraulic elevator,

surface arm,and platform arm.Two guide wires connect ginpole to surface no matter how

height is snubbing jack.After the hydraulic elevator hold the pipe,traveling system slide along

guiding wire,surface arm,platform arm,and swinging arms to transport the pipe to the workbasket.

1)Hydarulic    Catwalk


>Pipe       sizes:2-3/8”~3-1/2”drill pipe

>Circle time:≤30s

2)Surface  Arm


>Pipe size:2-3/8”~3-1/2”drill pipe

3)Traveling  System  With  Swing  Arm


>Pull Capacity:1t

>Pipe Size:2-3/8”~3-1/2”drill pipe;

4)Hydaurlic Elevator


>Pipe Size:2-3/8”~3-1/2”drill pipe;

>Safety Guard:Hydraulic interlock with mechnical lock;

5)Platform Arm


>Pipe Size:2-3/8”~3-1/2”drill pipe;

>Rotate    120°

Normal Snubbing Unit

Automated Snubbing Unit

Snubbing Unit Hydraulic Tong

Hydraulic tong is installed on traveling plate,          

including  pipe  guide,spin tong,main tong,back  up           

tong,hydraulic tong can slide on mounting base.

Normally hydraulic tong stays on wellhead center,it        

will slide while running hanger or downhole tools            

>Max Makeup Torque:12000ft-Ib;                             

>Max Spin Tong Torque:2800ft-Ib;                   

>Max Spin Speed:85rpm;

>Pipe Size:2-3/8”~4-1/2“;                   



Snubbing Unit

Normal Snubbing Unit

Automated Snubbing Unit

Operation Room

Operator's room can control snubbing jack,hydraulic power unit(HPU),pipe  handling system,hydraulic tong,safety   BOP, BOP control system,Emergency  control,kill/choke manifold,pressure test  pump and other valves.

Snubbing Unit

You donn't need to see the unit while you operating,just like playing game in room.

Normal Snubbing Unit


Operator can control the pressure test pump in Operator's room,the record can save in DAS automated

Automated Snubbing Unit

Snubbing Unit


For  hydraulic  workover  jobs,we  can  control  circulating  pump,kill  manifold,desander,choke  manifold,separator and monitor pump pressure,flow,tank level inside the Operator's room.

Normal Snubbing Unit


The data and video can send to cloud,provide remote technical support.

Automated Snubbing Unit



Slip interlock system includes hydraulic interlock,displacement sensor,load cells.If you want to open one slip(heavy or snubber),you must close the other slip(heavy or snubber),the slip   must close on pipe,not coupler or downhole tools and holdall the string load.

Snubbing Unit


BOP interlock system,using pressure transduer,displacement sensor to make annunlar safe;

Normal Snubbing Unit


>ESW(Emergency shut in well):Press ESW button,close all slips,working BOP(not include annular BOP),EQ/BL valves and safety pipe ram BOP to control tubing movement and annular pressure.

> ESD(Emergency Shut Down):Press ESD button,close all slips,shear ram and blind ram to control tubing movement and annular pressure.


>Acoustic reflection monitor the annular fluid level in hole and control the sand pump to pump circulate fluid into well.

>Once  overflow  or  kick,press the  KW(kill  well)button,close  all slips,close EQ valve and open BL valve,close upper ram BOP, open lower BOP,circulate fluid,control choke manifold and kill the well.

>once well blowout,press ESW or ESD button.

Automated Snubbing Unit


>Primary control:once the plug inside the string is failure and overflow,pickup one string with hydraulic control safety valve to platform and makeup or hold   the pipe,close safety valve.

Snubbing Unit

Second  control:

>BOP from bottom to up:doulbe ram BOP(lower slip ram,upper shear ram)+blind ram BOP+Snubbing unit.

(1)if the  string  is  pipe Press one buttom,close all slips,slip ram and shear ram(special shear   ram),jack move up to 1.5meters and close blind ram.

(2)if the  string  is  dril  pipe Press one buttom,close all slips,slip ram and shear ram,jack move up to 1.5meters and close blind ram.

Normal Snubbing Unit

Automated Snubbing Unit OTHER FUNCTIONS

lf the tool's length is less than 1.5m,we can remote run or pull the tools,if more than 1.5m,we need to extend Gin pole to 21m.

Automated Snubbing Unit

Snubbing Unit


While circulation,one winch pick circulating joint,include Kelly hose,swivel,safety valve and one joint.another winch is used for traveling system.

Normal Snubbing Unit

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