SVES Crossover delivered to oversea client

2024-05-17 10:00

SVES Crossover delivered to oversea clientDouble slip spear

CrossoverHookBit subRotary Box tap

Fishing tools are the most widely used, the most frequently used, the most complete types of special tools. There are many kinds and specifications of fishing tools. According to the type of falling objects in the well, it can be divided into five categories, such as pipe fishing tools, rod fishing tools, rope fishing tools, logging tools fishing tools, and small objects fishing tools. If it is classified according to the structural characteristics of the knot tools, it can be divided into six categories, such as cone, spear, barrel, hook, basket and other categories.

Double slip spear

After the tool enters the fish cavity or the object enters the tool fishing cavity, appropriately increase the bit weight rotation tool, forcing the fishing thread to squeeze the inner wall or outer wall of the object to make the buckle, when the buckle caused (generally more than 3 teeth) can withstand a certain lifting tension and torque, then lift the drilling tool, continue to make the buckle, after the buckle reaches 8-10 buckle, the fishing thread and the fished object have been basically connected as one. Make the buckle to end. Under normal circumstances, the bearing force of the buckle can exceed the thread strength of the fish being caught.

Safety joint H type

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