Packaging Guarantee

SVES Oilfield Supply Co., Ltd are put much attention of products packing before delivering to Clients all over the world.

To make clients much more satisfied about out packing of products as the packing should be the most strongest and reasonable way to protect the products we supplied.

Packing solution that brings our business more welcomed by all the client since company established.

Basic requirements for sea freight packaging our company applied for clients:

1. he goods packaging should be strong, intact, in the process of transportation can prevent the packaging breakage, the contents of the leakage, scattered; to prevent damage or deterioration of the goods due to yardage, friction, shock or due to air pressure, temperature changes; to prevent injury to the operator or pollution of aircraft, shipping containers, ground equipment and other items.

2. The packaging should be suitable for the nature, state and weight of the goods, but also to facilitate handling, loading and unloading and yarding; packaging should not have prominent nails, hooks, thorns, etc. on the external surface; packaging should be neat, dry, no odour and oil stains.

3. The padding material inside the packaging (such as wood chips and paper chips) should not leak out. Except for goods packed in paper bags (e.g. documents, information, etc.), consignments should all be bundled using packing tape. It is strictly forbidden to use straw bags for packing or straw ropes for bundling goods.

4. The packaging tape used to tie the goods should be able to bear the full weight of the goods and ensure that it does not break when the goods are lifted.

5. If the packaging of the goods does not comply with the above regulations, the shipper should be asked to improve or repackage the goods before they are accepted for shipment.

Basic requirements for air freight packaging our company applied for clients:

1. Air transport packaging type carton. Should be able to withstand the total weight of the same type of packaging goods yard 3 meters or 4 layers high. In other words, when the same type of goods yard to 3 meters or 4 layers high, the bottom layer of goods packaging should not be deformed or dented.

2. Air transport packaging type wooden box. Thickness and structure should be suitable for the needs of safe transportation of goods; holding valuable items, precision instruments, fragile items of wooden boxes, shall not have corrosion, insects, cracks and other defects.

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